Powerbank 2000

Powerbank 2000 Powerbank 2000 Powerbank 2000 Powerbank 2000

Description:Compact aluminium powerbank with built-in lithium battery (2000mAh/3.7V). Input: 5V 1A. Output: 5V 1A. The powerbank can be charged by USB cable and is suitable for charging the most common mobile devices (including smartphones, music players and tablets). Incl. instructions. When you divide the power of the powerbank (mAh) by the capacity of the battery in your mobile device (mAh), you know approximately how many percent or how often you can charge your mobile device. Each in a box....Read Less...Read More

Print Area:65 x 10

Product Size:

Lead Time: 4 working days

Available Colours:Grey

Product Code: SM1732767

(Disclaimer: Prices shown exclude set-up/origination costs, delivery and VAT. Prices and specification are subject to change without prior notice.)
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